My art emerges from a Gothic sensibility, a place where beauty and horror exist in close proximity, where innocence encounters depravity, where the spirit is consumed and revived from moment to moment. On a consistent trajectory since the early 1980s, my art focuses on the human condition and includes either evidence of the figure or the figure itself. The form, however, has swung between representation and abstraction, and between painting and sculpture. Many works combine both these approaches, and for the past ten years my art has also included collage, drawing, photography, sound, and text. I have explored subjects that include the transcendence of death through regeneration, the abuse of power and the plight of the powerless, and the struggle between physical necessity and spiritual values. My recent work explores the resilience of the human spirit played out through the juxtaposition of my personal history with the political, social and cultural history of our time. Working with the painting medium ​Tar Gel, a variety of digital cameras and Photoshop, my process becomes a metaphor for the fluidity of our dreams and aspirations as well as the fluidity of historical interpretation—an endless flow of vision and voice.